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What Does a Full Year Course with Mentorhood Look Like?

We’re glad you asked, because that’s our specialty!

We offer full year curriculum programs for kindergarten through grade six. These classes give us an incredible opportunity to get to know our students and tailor our support to their individual math journeys. We grow with our students throughout the learning process of mastering new skills and applying ones they’ve already learned. Full year, ongoing instruction unlocks some of the unique power of our approach to mathematical instruction.

Teaching Singapore math is a bit like constructing highways in a brand-new city. We work hard to dig and prepare for pathways in the minds of our learners, setting the foundation for a network of mental connections through which calculations and concepts can easily flow. It’s a hands-on, intricate approach that requires time and investment.

We have designed our programs to be labour intensive on our part. Our small class structure all but demands that teachers understand the workings of each of their students’ minds and can tailor their communication accordingly. Small class sizes also mean that no student goes unnoticed or is left to fend for themselves. Our teachers are responsive and invested in progress.

Contrast this to the traditional method of teaching where students must build the pathways in their minds themselves to understand what they are being taught in school. Regardless of how strong the material is, if they are struggling to develop an adequate framework, their only options are to advocate for themselves or fall behind. At Mentorhood, we understand that finding quality materials is only half the battle. The best learning comes through being taught, through trial, practice, and mentorship. For this reason, our class sizes will always be small, and our curriculum will always be focused on going deep.

We’ve created interactive curriculums that facilitate incremental learning at each grade level. Our lessons and complimentary activities are both fun and approachable, engaging the minds of young learners. Our challenging problems and strategic instruction offer built-in rewards for hungry minds. And our teachers are friendly, kind, and encouraging, giving students the confidence to overcome their learning curves. What Are Your Programs Like? Well, we may be biased, but they’re, like, fantastic!

Most of our full-year programs are offered in two forty-five minute lessons per week, for a weekly total of an hour and a half of instruction. We build skills weekly, cementing skills from the previous year through application, while layering on new knowledge step by step. We leave plenty of time for students to review what they’re accumulating and apply it in new ways. We both generate new skills and exercise them.

Each week, students are sent one of our custom curated worksheets on the specific topical focus for that week. Students are welcome to go through the worksheets ahead of time and attempt the lesson on their own. During the lesson time, our teachers will break down the logic and methodology of the new skill, building on what was understood from previous lessons. Student feedback is a must; we look for signs that our students are either grasping or struggling with the concept.

The lessons are filled with practice opportunities, many of which are worked through with the teacher, leaving some for at-home practice. Depending on the age of the students, we always make time for a game that reinforces that week’s concept, too!

Answer sheets are provided to the students each week to empower the students to learn on their own. If desired, parents are welcome and encouraged to support their learners in this process! A Final Thought Full year programs enable us to provide the care to our students that we sincerely desire to. We love getting to know each and every one of our kids and encouraging them that math IS for them, too! Seeing the same faces week after week gives us the opportunity to not only reinforce mathematical skills, but this qualitative confidence-building, as well. We are strongly convinced that math learning is a journey every learner can take. Full year instruction enables us to be a consistent support for more of that journey. And that’s the whole reason we exist— that level of mentorship is in our name. Since we’re on the subject… Why not give full year instruction a try? It’s especially great as a supplemental instruction option if you’ve already got a curriculum at home. There’s no commitment—subscriptions are week-to-week, so we’d love to see you stop in and check it out. We can’t wait to meet your student and support them on their learning journey.

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