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Our Method

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What Is Visible Thinking Math?

Students are provided with different visual ways of looking at math with our bar modelling approach.


Their learning journey begins with the concrete and pictorial stages, followed by the abstract stage to enable them to learn mathematics meaningfully.


This approach encourages advanced (higher-order) thinking, communication of mathematical ideas and problem solving. Our program aims to broaden individual's minds and nurture them to be creative problem solvers.

Our approach

Concrete > Pictorial > Abstract

What Is Singapore "Thinking Bar Models"?

The Thinking Bar Model approach is a systematic method for representing word problems and number relatiionships in a visual way. Our students are taught to use rectangular bars to represent the relationship between known and unknown numerical quantities and to solve problems related to these quantities. It provides students with a powerful image that organizes information and simplifies the problem solving process.

Ages and Stages: Our Process

Creative Math

Age 4 to 6  |  Kindergarten Year 1 and Year 2

Mathematics is so much fun! Math can be found in music, art, literature and other subjects. Students will be able to explore and have fun to develop solid math foundations through interactive activities and games. The young learners also have the opportunity to be exposed to the fundamental concepts of Bar Models and most importantly, to develop a love of learning math!

Visible Thinking Math

Age 6 to 12  |  Grades 1 to 6 Singapore Math

Mathematics can be innovative! We use the bar models approach in solving math problems in a systematic way, allowing students to learn, organize, and analyze questions in great depth. THis approach encourages advanced (higher-order) thinking processes and enhanced problem solving skills with ease and confidence. Our curriculum folows the local Singapore Ministry of Education standard tightly.

Lesson Flow

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