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Meet Our Team

Our Inception

Mentorhood Math was found in 2009 in Hong Kong by Ms. Karen & Ms. Gigi to help children on their school work and preparing for exams. They realized that many of their students needed help with math because they hadn't had a solid foundation in their early years.

In 2011, the first version of Mentorhood Mathematics was launched. The teaching was based on the Model Drawing Method to help children visualize word problems. It was a great success, and their students noticed marked differences. In 2012, Mentorhood's first teaching manual was written. Teachers were recruited and trained to teach with our curriculum and the model drawing method. Licensed teachers were teaching in different learning centres partnering with Mentorhood across Hong Kong.

In 2014, the Mentorhood Learning Center (Mid-Level West) was started as our first franchisee. Early in 2016, Mentorhood Mathematics' second manual edition was formed, and both Creative Mathematics (ages 3-6) and Visible Thinking Mathematics (ages 7-12) were created. Over 200+ math activities were added into the Creative Mathematics Curriculum. We are currently working on our updated teaching system which will allow us to partner with more high quality teachers in the future. 

In 2020, we began online classes in response to the COVID-19 pandemic. We've grown our team of educators, expanded our teaching materials library, and we're helping more students than ever before.

Ms Gigi Lam

Ms Gigi Lam graduated from the University of Toronto with a HB.Sc. double major in Economics & Statistics; She is also a Qualified Financial Quotient Coach for Children from American Institute of Applied Psychology and a Certified Play Therapist. She is the Co-Founder and program director of Mentorhood Mathematics. Miss Gigi has more than 15 years of experience teaching math and she believes math is essential as it improves the logical reasoning and critical thinking of every child.

Ms Karen Lai

Ms Karen Lai graduated from the University of Toronto with a HB.Sc. double major in Pure Mathematics and Music; She also has a Master of Science degree in Applied Mathematics (Actuarial Science). She is the Co-Founder and program director of Mentorhood Mathematics. With more than 15 years of experience in teaching students aged from 3 to 18,her students who come from countries around the world have a 100% successful rate in entering Universities. Sidney Chu, short track speed skater representing Hong Kong in the Winter Olympics, was one of her students. Her mathematician’s mindset allows her to understand the Singapore Math visualized method is an effective way to help students build a strong foundation for Mathematical success in the future.

Qualified Mentorhood Teachers

Our qualified Mentorhood Math teachers have completed and passed the training which specialized in teaching the Singapore Bar Models, visualization methods, teaching through games and positive classroom management in an online and in-person setting.


Ms Yaping H. graduated from Southwest Jiaotong University with a bachelor’s degree in Electrical Engineering. She continued her graduate study in Memorial University of Newfoundland with a Master of Engineering degree in computer engineering. She is a Native Mandarin speaker, qualified Mentorhood Math teacher and a mother of two.

Ms Yaping H.

BA/BSc in Pure Mathematics

Mr Wiliam X. majored in Pure Mathematics from University of the Fraser Valley. His passion for Math gives him the power to succeed in Math. He has loved math since he was young. He got many prizes from Math competitions, for example, the Worldwide Olympic math competition. He believes that Math is 50%of skills +30%of practices+20%focus= 100% success.

Mr Wiliam X.


Ontario Certified Teacher

Mr. Neil H. is qualified to teach Gr 4 to 12 as an OCT. His experience including teaching in the public school classrooms, online teaching and outdoor education have made his classes upbeat and enjoyable. Students love his sense of humor and look forward to his classes.

Mr. Neil H.


Teacher Beril currently resides in Toronto, she has graduated with an engineering degree, currently pursuing an Education Diploma at ​ ILAC International College. As an engineer in love with mathematics, she loves to make math fun in an interactive way. She would ensure that the learning process is not boring and that the logic of the subject is understood with promising results.

Miss Beril

BA in Economics & International Relations

Larissa graduated with an Honours Bachelor of Arts from the University of Toronto in Economics and International Relations. She has worked with kids since High school - coaching at tennis camps and with her volunteer work at Water for the World. She ensures that kids feel relaxed in class and that they can be themselves. This leads to an effective learning environment and will allow them to enjoy math more.​

Miss Larissa

HBSc in Biology

Miss Ala R. graduated from Western University with Honours Specialization in Biology. She has tutored kids since she was in grade 10. She started her teaching passion when she taught kids math at Saturday school in London Ontario as well as science at St Louise Arbour French immersion school. Ala is a teacher who wants you to enjoy math as much as she does. She wants you to have fun and make math a fun game for you rather than a painful homework.

Miss Ala R.

BSND & MSc in Food Science

Mandy obtained a bachelor degree as an honour degree in nutrition and dietetics and master’s degree in food science. She is currently doing her master program in food processing engineering. She has over 5 years of teaching experiences that allow her to be a tutor that is creative and organized. After successfully completing Mentorhood Math teacher training, Mandy is enjoying her online teaching with us and children love her classes.

Miss Mandy L.

HBSc in Biochemistry and Immunology

Mr. Truong N. was born in Toronto, graduated from the Universeity of Toronto with an HBSc, double majored in Biochemistry and Immunology. He is a recipient of New college In-course Scholarship and Dean's honour list Scholar. As a student tutor, university student mentor, daycare assistant and swim instructor for children Truong has experience working with children and remains flexible to the needs of his students.

Mr. Truong N.

BSc in Civil Engineering

Mr. Edwin S. graduated from San Jose State University with a Bachelor of Science degree in Civil Engineering. Having joined the Mentorhood family for over 2 years, he has mastered the Singapore Math modeling method and repeatedly endorses its application in most basic and challenging problems. He has a passion for teaching young children. He believes that learning should not be stressful but enjoyable instead.

Mr. Edwin S.

BSc in Biomedical Engineering & Mathematics

Miss Jia C. studied Biomedical Engineering and Mathematics at Duke University. She has a strong foundation in Singaporean math from Singapore International School in Hong Kong where she has achieved top scores in Mathematics. She has also tutored high school students on subjects ranging from Algebra to Calculus for 4 years. Her experience with Singaporean math has allowed her to develop her mathematical mindset and she hopes to help students develop the same foundation to succeed in the mathematical fields.

Miss Jia

H. BComm in Accounting

Christy has an Honours Bachelor of Commerce in Accounting from the University of Ottawa. She has worked with children in both educational and recreational contexts since she was twelve years old, promoting group engagement, discussion, and learning. She is an actor, a voice over artist, a writer, an editor, and a personal finance enthusiast. In her spare time, you might find her signing up for a recreational sport, hiking with her husband, dabbling in something artsy, or hanging out with her awesome nieces and nephews.

Miss Christy W.

BEd/BBA in Accounting

Ontario Certified Teacher

Miss Colette N. graduated from York University in Toronto with a double major, a Bachelor's of Education and Bachelor's of Business Administration with Honors in Accounting. With over 10 years of experience tutoring and teaching students from elementary school to high school. Her Canadian teaching experience allows her to effectively teach the Singapore Math method in a fun and efficient way. While supporting the students' needs and encouraging constant improvement.

Miss Colette N.

BSc & MSc Candidate in Chemical Engineering

Mr. Ian X. is currently a master degree student studying Chemical Engineering at the University of Toronto after he completed his Bachelor of Science in Chemical Engineering at the University of Alberta. Ian enjoys working with children of all ages, especially helping them to overcome difficulties in Mathematics. With his passion in Math and engineering background, he is happy and excited to meet your learner following the Mentorhood Math teaching method and curriculum.

Mr. Ian X.

BSc in Applied Mathematics

Miss Celine W. graduated from the National University of Singapore with a bachelor’s degree in Applied Mathematics. She has taught both primary and secondary school level math for several years. She believes in being not only a tutor to students, but also a mentor, allowing students to feel more comfortable and at ease while learning. In this way, they would have more fun and enjoy learning the subject, retaining what they have learnt even more.

Miss Celine W.


Miss Isabella M. is an experienced English and Math tutor who graduated with a bachelor degree in Public Administration. Beside passing the Mentorhood Math teacher training with the knowledge of Singapore bar modeling method, she has been teaching with Mentorhood for over two years with students in Hong Kong and Singapore. Students love her cheerful and friendly personality. Isabella has consistently earned excellent feedback from parents.

Miss Isabella

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