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Essential Mentorship

How busy are you, on a scale of one to ten? Chances are, you won’t say less than five. It’s no secret that our pace of life these days is busy. In fact, “busy” has replaced “fine” as a neutral response to the everyday greeting.

              How are you these days?

              Oh, busy. You know. How about you?


Shipping kids to practices and lessons on top of full work schedules, household responsibilities, PTA meetings, the occasional nod to our social life, family functions, work events, charitable commitments can be a lot. And our kids are no less busy. The average family hardly has time to spend together. Who has time for anything extra?


What if your child needs something extra, by way of education? What if every child needs something extra? With the precious little time you have left at the end of the day with your little ones, is it worth spending it in frustration over fractions?


This is where a paraprofessional education service like Mentorhood can come in. We’ve made it our job to nurture your child’s learning in mathematics so as to alleviate some of the supplemental needs your child may have. Learning takes time, and relying on a service like Mentorhood that specializes in delivering high-quality, approachable, and confidence-boosting learning experiences can provide the time your child needs.


What Is Mentorship?


Mentorship has played many roles in many different types of societies, but the general idea is this: an individual with expertise, professionalism, or experience in a particular area shepherds a novice as they begin to develop that particular skill. The mentor will help the, typically younger, apprentice navigate questions, new challenges, and putting into practice their growing expertise.


Mentorship can take many forms. Sometimes, a mentor acts like a life coach—a friend, perhaps several generations older, who helps a youth through the emotional and social challenges of growing up. Sometimes, a mentoring relationship is tied to a very specific time, place, or topic. A mentoring partner at a law firm may take a new associate under her wing to specifically help him learn the ropes of being a lawyer.


Sometimes, a mentor-mentee dynamic falls somewhere in between. A competitive sports coach could be a good example of this. On one hand, the athletes typically see the coach only in a practice or game setting, or for the occasional team activity. On the other hand, it’s common enough for a coach to have a positive influential impact on a team member’s wellbeing beyond the scope of the game, to the point where the sports-coach-life-coach trope makes a regular appearance in Western storytelling.


Our Teachers


Our teachers fall somewhere in between, too. First, our educators love math. We love it! We love it so much that we’ve decided to hang out with math in our spare time, helping kids love it too. It’s not everyone’s default to love the science of numbers—and that’s perfectly okay. Maybe you’re one of those people. Maybe your kids are, and we can help them along on that journey.


We are specialists in math instruction, experts in teaching kids how to think through math visually and how to break down problems that look really complex at first so that they can be approached step-by-step. We know how to make math easy, and we love to make math fun! And what kid doesn’t want to have fun in class?


Second, our teachers consistently bring more to the table than solely GPS guidance in math. We have a key ingredient in common with the sports coach who does more for his team than simply explaining the rules of the game: it’s heart.


We bring a lot of care in our work. Care for your kids, and care for you. We know that you have goals for your kids’ education, and we know that your kids have goals and heights they want to achieve, too. As a mentorship enterprise, not just a mathematics one, we want to help care for your family and those goals.


We care about how your kids are grasping the mathematics they’re being taught, and we care how your kids feel about math, too. Is it intimidating? Exciting? Exhausting? Exhilarating? We’re there to help your kids have not just a successful experience with math, but a good one. To become much more relaxed about the subject. To have fun in class. To feel that they are among friends. To believe their teacher understands where they’re coming from, and that the material is reaching them right at their level. To be both challenged and confident. To feel like they can ask, and try, and risk, and learn.


Uniquely Mentored


Every child will have a unique experience on their mathematics learning journey, because every child is unique. Having mentorship allows for a child to sound off those unique experiences on an individual who’s been there before. Mentorship allows for context and perspective on a child’s experience, and guidance towards a successful future.


We recognize that parents don’t have the time to mentor their kids in every subject they are learning in school. Besides, kids need their parents for so much more than an after-school tutor—they need you for the million other things you do for them to make sure their lives are as full as possible. Let us take the supplemental math needs off of you, and let us add a treasure of educational mentorship in every way we can. Let us meet them where they’re at, and we’ll help them grow to where they can be.


Get connected with a Mentorhood class or a Mentorhood educator today.

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