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Math Game - Snap 20 – the harder version

This game is Snap 20 – the harder version.

1. Shuffle and distribute the whole deck of cards to each player.

2. Each player gets the same number of cards.

3. With bigger numbers on the cards, we can set our target number to be a bigger number. This time we set our target to 50.

4. We take turns to flip the card over and add the number we have on our card to the previous sum.

5. we keep drawing and adding our cards until the sum is 50 or more.

6. Once we hit or over the target number, we start subtracting

7. Whoever gets the difference 0 or less, wins the game.

13. If your child hasn’t learned about negative numbers, it’s a good chance to discuss what’s going to be below 0 and explore negative numbers.

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