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Learn Flexibly This Fall

Online learning became a necessity for many of our children in the past few years. While it may no longer be the only option available to us, the familiarity we’ve developed as a culture and the infrastructure that’s been set up around distance education has provided us with some unique and enduring opportunities.

Digital learning has made it easier than ever before to add supplemental education to the busy schedules of our kids. How do you fit traditional tutoring methods in when your child is in school all day, or your family has extracurricular priorities? What about when you’re juggling work commitments, long commutes, maintaining your family’s health, and all the rest? Or what about if you’re practicing a second language, and the tutors you want are in a completely different time zone than you?

At Mentorhood, we know how important it is for you to find the classes you're looking for at times that are convenient to you. Our fall programs are designed to be flexible, to fit with any schedule, time zone, and study preference. Our teachers come from all over the world because our clients come from all over the world. And we always try to be accommodating if you have a request outside of our regularly scheduled programs.

Full Year Classes

If you’re looking for a consistent, topic-by-topic approach to the concepts for your child’s grade level, you'll be able to find a full year program that works for your schedule. We’ve designed once weekly and twice weekly options that run at all times of the day. Whether you prefer a class in the morning before school, during the middle of the day, or in the evening, our kind, enthusiastic, and responsive teachers are there for you. Whether you’re looking for optional homework, games in class, or a teacher that can answer questions outside of class, you'll be able to find a program that best suits your desired learning pattern.


These classes are ideal for customization. Looking for 30 minutes, 45, or one hour? Want once a week, twice a week, or more than two times a week? We’ve got a teacher that will connect with your learner on their level and tackle any topics they wish to review. Our private tutors can go through a grade-based curriculum lesson by lesson, or you can select specific topics and material for us to work on with your child.

One-Time and Fun-Time Classes

Looking for a dash of something extra special? Drop in for a fun one-time games class, such as our Princess and Pokémon themed problem-solving classes, join a camp during down time like spring break, or stick around in a weekly Games Club or Math Competition class that you can pause at your convenience. Play in Mandarin or English, depending on your preferences. We’d love to splash a little bit of fun into your math learning!

Flex Classes

Our most flexible class option yet, flex classes offer all the benefits of consistent, weekly support, without the commitment for a weekly sit-down meeting. When you join a flex class, you'll have access to weekly learning materials, and engaging video lesson that walks you through all the concepts for the week, the opportunity to submit weekly homework in your own time, and you’ll receive direct, personal feedback from a teacher dedicated to your class. You’ll study the class curriculum along with other classmates and work on the material whenever it fits best into your schedule on a weekly basis. Your teacher will be available for feedback, homework grading, and for any questions you may have along the way. Once each week is complete, you’ll also have access to answer material for your lessons so that you’re in complete control of your learning experience.

We will be continuing to launch new flex classes throughout this year. Right now, our Grade 5A flex class is open for registration!


Fall doesn’t have to be overwhelming. We’re excited to support your child on their learning journey, however it works best for your family. Whether your child needs supplemental help, a little bit of private encouragement, or some fun to engage them in the marvelous world of mathematics, we’ve got options for you, and we will continue to have options throughout the year.

As the year revs up, so does our excitement level, because we love to engage young minds and instill confidence in mathematics.

Steps You Can Take Right Now...

Check out our program options on our Classes Page.

Browse our classes on Outschool.

See if In-Person classes may be something you’re interested in.

Sign up for a FREE 30-minute one-on-one trial.

Get a FREE math ability assessment so that we can work with you to find the right program.

Or, email us with any questions, suggestions, requests, or concerns you may have, and we’d be happy to help.

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